Advantages of QR Codes

Since time immemorial, people have been searching for specific tools that will help them to handle various products in trade and commerce. In the modern age, the advent of the automobile has changed the scenario to a great extent. It is a well known fact that there are many components that constitute the body of an automobile. QR codes invented in Japan have helped to provide information about the products in a methodical manner. It is a code which is available in 2D and it has become very popular over a period of time. Quick Response codes have spread through different industrial spheres and they are quite beneficial for entrepreneurs and companies. If you analyze them carefully, you will find that the three corners are populated by a matrix comprising of black and white pixels. Apart from aforesaid figure, the area of the QR code is populated by symbols that are encrypted, comprising of information which is easily decoded by cell phones and scanners. The density of the symbol depends on the amount of information stored in the QR codes.

Encryption and Error Correction Standards of QR Codes

  • There are different methods through which the codes are converted into symbols so that they are detected by the recipients in an effective manner. Data Encryption Standard Algorithm is used which consist of 56 bits that would make it difficult for the intruders to decode. It is also used in many other applications and it is a symbol of security and safety.
  • Since information is encoded, there is a high probability of error which can distort the accuracy of information. Reed Solomon Error Correction Algorithm is hence used to accomplish the task in an effective manner. Due to different configurations, there are four levels of error correction. However storage space may be reduced due to the presence of control bits. QR codes follow the Level H procedure of error correction which is able to recover 30 percent of the data. You can store images and attractive texts as a part of information.

Amazing Encoding Schemes of QR Codes

  • It is a well known fact that error correction along with masking forms the basis of encoding which will go a long way in making the data secured. Masking is a wonderful technique which helps to create impediment in the pattern and make it hard to detect for the scanner. A pattern is defined by a series of matrix that has six rows along with six columns. Pixels which are inverted are symbolized by black colors.
  • To start with the masking process, pixels are added to the bottom-right corner of the square and they are subsequently induced to ensure that a distorted figure is obtained, which can be scanned by the smartphone in an easy and hassle-free manner. Apart from the above, there are indicators that are encoded in binary digits and signify different schemes. One of the most important is the alphanumeric encryption which uses 11 bits to store 2 characters. Similarly, the Kanji encoding scheme is deployed to store more data because 13 bits are used to represent a single character.

Creation of QR Codes

  • There are different types of tools that can be used to design QR code according to the encoding schemes stated above. is one of the most highly reviewed websites that will help you to create the codes. Apart from that, Google has its own QR code software which acts as a generator. The software also automates the task, providing an easy procedure for the user.

Usage in ERP Projects by Creating Efficiency

  • Supply chain management system is an amalgamation of vendors and suppliers that interact with each other to track the number of products and items. There are different types of information such as product number which is stored in QR codes. This is instrumental in providing information about the items in the inventory.
  • Apart from the above, coupons and other information can be combined with promotional details in the QR codes. The information can then be easily read when the QR codes are scanned and decoded. You can use smartphones for this purpose since it has an inbuilt QR scanner.

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