QR Code Business Card Generator

Today, QR codes have become extremely popular. This is why you see QR codes in magazines, websites, brochures, store windows, products, and so on. For businesses, QR codes present a real opportunity to reach their customers, and it’s very common to see QR codes on business cards. Due to its capacity to store a lot of information which can be quickly decoded, QR codes can be used to promote your business or company effectively. If you want to place a QR code on your business card, you will find it very easy to generate your own QR code. All you need is a QR code business card generator, and you can easily find some websites that offer the program on the Internet.


The QR codes generated from QR code business card generator can be used in various businesses including ticketing, financing, entertainment, and various other commercial entities. These codes serve as a wonderful source of information in coded form. The best thing is that the targeted audience can access the data very easily. Most QR code business card generators are developed for mobile phones. Hence, you can now carry your Vcard in your mobile phone. The data in your QR code can contain a link to your email address, a link to your resume stored, a link to your website, information about your products or services or any other information.

There are various ways of using these QR codes. If you are searching for a job, QR codes can be used to impress your prospective employer. The addition of QR codes with other important information on your resume lends a professional look as well.

Other Uses

The other uses of QR codes can be in the form of an address to a social networking site. QR codes can also be used to announce promotions or special offers. There are a plethora of QR codes that you will stumble upon in magazines and newspapers these days, and they serve as a means to market various products and services. When potential customers come across the QR code on your business card, they can scan the QR codes with smartphones to access the information in seconds. All in all, QR codes add an element of modernity and innovation to traditional promotional methods. Find a QR code business card generator today and start to generate your own business card QR codes to connect with the new QR code revolution today!