Commercial QR Code Generator

Commercial QR codes are required by businesses and professionals because their websites, social networking pages or personal blogs are not mobilized. This means that the information posted on these pages may not accessible on mobile phones. A QR code provides a way to tell people about your work, business, brand or idea, and it is mobile optimized.

There are many types of commercial QR codes generators. Some of them integrate the features of reader, decoder and generator, and they can be used for sharing contact information or bookmarks or generate codes to help expand your business or network. The QR code generator and reader app also vary, depending on the mobile handset or smartphone. If you are searching for the best commercial QR code generator, you need to first identify your own requirements. The selection for QR code generator depends on:

  1. Quantity: The number QR codes you are planning to create. You can create codes in multiple groups or batches or you may need it for just one time.
  2. Audience: The target audience for whom you are creating the QR codes.
  3. Creative Aspect: You have to define the creative aspects of the QR codes as per your needs.
  4. Message: You can get a range of offers in QR code generators, especially for commercial use. However, you have to specify whether the QR codes are required for mobile, graphic production, direct mail or some other purpose.

Some good commercial QR code generators and scanners are: 

Kaywa: Kaywa is one of the leading QR code generators. It also provides non commercial QR code generators where you can generate the codes for URLs, phone numbers, texts, and SMS. The user only needs to select the preference, insert the content, specify the length, and click ‘Generate’. You can then save the QR code and use it.

ScanLife: ScanLife is a commercial QR code generator which covers the broadcast number of the mobile phones and also smartphones. It provides valuable analytics which can be used to track hits for an advertisement with features to count the real viewers of an advertisement campaign. Though you can generate QR code for free for batch QR codes and regular use, you should also consider the commercial QR code generator which is offered at an affordable price.

iCandy: iCandy is a commercial QR code generator which helps to get the scans and it also helps to print the codes through partner services.

Stickybits: Stickybits is designed specifically for creating customized QR code stickers.

Quikmark: QuikMark is a mobile barcode scanner which provides auto scanning features. It can be used for multiple barcode formats such as Quick Code, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, and QR code. You can even use mobile barcodes to access web links, navigate maps, and add contacts.