QR Content Generator

Quick response or QR code is an image code that contains lots of information in a small place. It was created in the year 1994 for automobile industry. Now almost every industry is using QR codes for every purpose, even for marketing their product. One of the features that QR codes have is it is easily creatable and decodable. When it comes to creating a QR code, there are numerous QR generators available in the market. All these online QR generators are free as well as simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to select the content for which you want to create a QR code. Once you feed in the information, the QR generator will create the code that you can download.

The QR generators are used to create QR codes for various types of content. These QR contents will be available to the end users when they scan the QR code. Here are the contents for which the QR generators can be used for:

  1. Text: This is a simple content that can be embedded in the QR generator. You do not have any restriction on the content that you wish to feed in the box provided. The maximum characters allowed for this are 450. You need to limit yourself to the character count and generate the QR code for the text content.
  2. URL: URL is another type of content that you can use QR generator to create. URL is the website address that you want the end user to visit. Just enter the web address and generate the QR code. This is the simplest content the QR code can have. The maximum characters allowed here are 450.
  3. Phone Number: Phone number is another content that can be embedded in the QR code. Say you just want to market your phone number to the target audience and when they call your number you give them the details that they need. Make sure that you use a unique phone number in the QR generator. The maximum allowed characters are 446.
  4. SMS Number: Like phone numbers, a unique SMS number is also a possible content for the QR generator. Make sure that you have a unique SMS number for this purpose. Once your target audience scans the QR code, they get the SMS number to send an SMS to get the required information. The maximum characters allowed are 446.
  5. Email: This is another type of content for QR generator. Just fill in the email address that you want to share and create the QR code for. Maximum allowed characters are 443.
  6. Business Card (vCard): This is the most complex content for the QR generator. In this content, you have to furnish every detail, starting from your name, address, phone number, email etc., to create the code. Maximum characters allowed here are 371.
  7. Geographic Location: This content is mainly intended for places QR code. You have to enter the degree of Latitude and Longitude in the QR generator to create the QR code. Maximum characters allowed here are 222.