QR Code Creator

The QR codes are being used worldwide for a wide range of purposes. From inventory tracking to marketing to information sharing, QR codes are the hottest things now. The credit of creating the Quick Response codes goes to the Toyota Company, and it was actually developed under the supervision of Denso Wave in the year 1994. These QR codes were designed by the Toyota Company so that they could track all the manufacturing process of vehicles in their plants. In this sense, Denso Wave is known as the true QR code creator. The copyright and patent of the QR code is with Denso Wave but they have decided not to exercise the patent. Due to this reason, it is possible to generate the QR codes for free. The QR code creators have made their coding ISO marked and it is due to this fact that all the QR codes are standardized as the product of the Denso Wave Company. These QR codes are generated from freeware software and are used in various fields, including marketing, retail, manufacturing, travel, and so on. If you want to create your own QR codes, you can easily do so by using a QR code creator. The free QR code creator software is available many websites. By entering the desired information, you can generate your own QR codes with the QR code creator, and use them according to your wishes.