Getting QR Codes for Free

QR codes are simple black and white boxes and they look similar to a bar code. The codes were developed by the Toyota Company and they did so to keep a track of the vehicles that were manufactured by them. In fact, Toyota’s subsidiary division Denso Wave was the group that created QR codes and they actually own the copyright for these codes, but they have chosen not to exercise this patent. It is due to this reason that the production of QR code is free and hence, anyone can create free QR codes. There are lots of websites that contain the freeware to make free QR codes. You just need to enter the text to be written in the QR code and the software will generate an image of the information. The generated codes have ISO standardization integrated in them. With QR code generators, it is possible for anyone to create free QR codes easily. These free QR codes generated from the free software can be used for personal use as in case for generating a business card, or for the purpose of creating an advertisement, which can be used in a magazine, newspaper, website, and the like.