A Resource Guide to Keyboarding

The ability to type has been important for generations. In years past being able to type and knowing the layout of a keyboard, was important for using a typewriter. Typewriters used to be the equipment that people used to type papers, articles, books and other written documents. To be able to competently use either a manual or electric typewriter, it was important to be able to keyboard properly.

In current times, the typewriter has been replaced by personal computers, laptops, tablets and even Smartphone’s which all use keyboards of some type. Regardless of the type of device that is used to create written documents and accessing online material, the need to be able to work with the keyboard smoothly is important. Whether you are typing on a regular basis for school or work or just typing a text message to your best friend, keyboarding is an important ability for people both young and old.

To help learn and improve keyboarding techniques, we have put together a collection of information and resources. We hope this helps in learning how to use the keyboard properly.

Keyboard Setup

Keyboard Origins

  • Computer Keyboard History – A look at the development in using a keyboard in the history of computers.
  • QWERTY Keyboard History – Helpful site providing information on how the current keyboard came into existence.
  • Computer Keyboard Questions – Information and quiz on proper usage and techniques in computer keyboarding.
  • Typewriter, Keyboards and More – Informative article providing a historical look at the invention of keyboards.
  • Computer Basics – Resourceful site providing information on the various parts of the computer, including the function of the keyboard.
  • Computer History – Information on the history of the computer with a look at the way the keyboard is part of history.

Learning How to Type

Keyboarding Practice

  • Keyboarding Practice – Useful site containing practice ideas for various aspects of the keyboard.
  • Kids Typing Practice – Online site for kids where they can practice their typing skills and be graded compared to other kids.
  • Keyboard Practice – Educational site where students can practice various parts of keyboarding techniques.
  • Keyboarding Practice Games – Website aimed at providing younger children with fun games to practice proper keyboarding methods.
  • Typing Practice – Useful site with games and activities that practice skills used in typing

Keyboarding Lesson Plans

  • Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas – Resourceful page of information and lesson plans to teach keyboarding.
  • Keyboarding Lesson Plans and Links – Useful site providing a collection of lesson plans and resources for teachers and others.
  • Keyboarding Lesson Plans – Informative collection of lesson plans and ideas on how to present keyboarding concepts.
  • Primary Keyboarding Skills – Interesting lesson plan which conveys a number of concepts in learning how to type and use the keyboard.
  • Lesson Plans – Fine collection of resources to help people learn how to type.
  • Keyboarding Resources – Informative collection of resources that can help teach keyboarding techniques.
  • Keyboarding – Information on a number of ideas and concepts about learning how to use the keyboard properly.

We hope that this article is helpful in learning about the keyboard and will be a help in your future typing needs.