Know more About QR Codes

QR codes were designed by the Toyota Company so that they could keep track of their manufacturing process in an efficient manner. Since then, Quick Response codes have become extremely popular all over the world. Still, you may be wondering about what is a QR code? Very similar to a barcode, a QR barcode has a much higher capacity to store information and the greatest thing about it is that the code can be read by a smartphone. There are many possibilities with a QR code. You can use it to provide information about your business, special offers, travel locations, contests or products and services.

QR codes have become very popular because they can be created and read very easily. Nowadays, companies are trying to create custom QR codes so that they can build a certain rapport with their customers. Other than the black-and-white modules, QR codes have become very colorful and fun. QR codes are so versatile that the possibilities are practically endless. Companies like Ford and Taco Bell have run highly successful marketing campaigns with QR codes. Learn more about QR codes here and jump on the QR code bandwagon, which is guaranteed to take you on a highly rewarding journey.