Personal QR Codes

How to Make Use of Personal QR Codes?

Personal QR codes are created for promoting your own work, business, shop or resume. To make use of personal QR code, you need to create a code or an image of the code, take the picture of the code with your smartphone and decipher it using QR code readers to allow the users to check out the integrated message in the form of text, link URL or image. Personal QR codes can be used to create a brand and it helps to add contact information where you can provide your name, phone emails, and contact details. Also, you can regularly update social media feeds such as Flicks, Twitter, and Facebook, using the features of personal QR codes.

Uses of Personal QR Codes

On Personal Items

It’s great fun to use personal QR code which can be printed out or pasted on the coffee mugs mouse pads, laptop cover, the key chains, T-shirts, and business cards. The printed QR codes on these items invite users to take a snap and they can be used by the users to contact your directly.

On Business Cards

QR codes can be included in business cards and it can be linked to the “Contact Me” page of your blog. Once you link the URL to the “Contact Me” page, it encourages people to contact you because you are easily accessible. QR codes added to your business card can add another dimension to your networking techniques. QR code business cards can be handed out to colleagues because they look very modern and functional with all the information on the codes.

On Resumes

Personal QR codes can be used by job seekers to overcome the difficult hurdle of job seeking. They get you noticed right away. Most employers will want to employ a person who is informed on the latest developments in technology. It doesn’t look very good if you say you are tech savvy and yet, you don’t use QR codes. Personalized QR codes in the resume will tell the job provider about you when he or she is directed to your webpage through your personal QR code. For instance, you can create a page about yourself and the QR code can direct the person to the page.

For Easy Online Access and Updating

Web-based service offered by QR codes is highly beneficial as it helps to update data easily. It also provides effortless and reliable information which can be used by you anytime.

QR Codes on Print Advertisement

You can run a print advertisement in a local newspaper and trade show program which can be linked to your blog with a page which says “Hire Me”. Then, you can take the print to local trade fairs or conferences. These techniques will also help you to stand out in the crowd.

For Improving Efficiency of Automated Systems

Personal QR codes improves the transition efficiency and therefore, the code is in use in many parts of the world for stationary order system, issuing passes to the bus commuters, ticket management in trains and metros, passenger management, and even managing the blood test process. The customer reads the QR code through the smartphone and an order is sent to the wholesaler automatically.

To make use of the provisions of QR codes, you can follow these steps: 

Create QR codes

To create personal QR codes, you need to find the QR code generators which provide free and paid programs to allow you to generate your personal QR code. The QR codes are matrix symbols which contain patterns with finder patterns, timing patterns, and alignment patterns. The patterns are used for detecting the position of the code and they help to correct non-linear distortions. Timing pattern is specifically used for finding out the central coordinate of the cells in a QR code. Timing patterns are generally arranged both vertically and horizontally in the QR code. There are other zones in a QR code which includes the quiet area and the data area. The quiet area is necessary for reading the QR code and it helps to make it easier for the image to be detected by the CCD sensors. On the other hand, the QR code can be stored into the data area.

The online QR code creators allow you to analyze and trace the statistics of QR codes and they also allow you to design the codes in a unique and attractive way to make they stand out from out normal-looking ones.

  1. One of the most popular QR code generators online is Kaywa. It offers both paid and free QR code generators and it allows creating codes which can be linked to the URL, text, website, phone number, and SMS.
  2. is another QR code generator which provides facilities to create QR codes. It also offers QR readers to read the texts, phone numbers, URL, SMS, and vCards.
  3. You can also create your personal QR code by using the Microsoft tag feature which helps to create QR codes which can be tagged to URL, application, phone number, and free text. The tag allows integration of colors to the codes which makes it look attractive.

Link the QR Codes

You can create personal QR codes and link them to you blog or brand. These personal QR codes can be linked to a range of things such as business cards, invitation cards, greeting cards, and so on.

Testing the QR Codes

After creating the QR codes, you should test them. Use a reader to see if they work. For instance, you can use the “Google Goggles” to view the picture and it will tell you to which URL or webpage the code is linked.

After testing the QR code link, you can use it on your webpage to track hits.

Tips to Improve Accessibility of Personal QR Codes

  • You should make the QR codes unique so that they represent your brand, and they should be appealing, so they can attract more viewers.
  • Don’t just focus on the design. Make sure that it’s clear and readable.
  • Always test your own QR codes.
  • The information in QR code should be short and precise because complex information can make it harder for the user to scan.
  • The QR code should be linked to a mobile device and it should have mobile friendly resources which are commonly used by people. The site should also be easily accessible to users as well.
  • The QR codes should also be designed in a manner to work with an international audience and it should adapt to various operating systems too.