Places QR Code

To effectively utilize the possibilities of QR codes, you need to use it at the right time and the right place. In the last few years, there’s such a craze about QR codes so much so that they are now being used in various industries. In a survey conducted by Lab42 on five hundred Americans, it was found 67 percent of the participants had seen QR codes in magazines, 62 percent at retails stores, and 40 percent on billboards. QR codes are not only used for self branding, green ticketing, and geek chic fashion but they are also used for geo-based tours and reviews.

Places QR Codes can be generated for any location on Google Map, and they can be downloaded to obtain the map or direction to a place. Snippets of QR codes were pasted at San Francisco historical landmarks and restaurants in Spring 2008 to provide self-guided tours. These tours were very successful and they provided an excellent way to offer reviews and suggestions connected to the places. 

To make use of places QR codes, you need to generate the QR code of the desired location by first choosing the size of the QR code image and then, you can insert the name of the place. The QR code image can be uploaded to a personal webpage to inform people about the location. Google is one of the leading members of NFC Forum providing “Google Places” which supports the mailing of NFC enabled stickers. The technology can be used to explore new ways to inform customers about the deals, local businesses, and their location through mobile phones.