QR Code Reader

A QR code is a simple code that can perform various functions. Basically, a QR code is as an image which can be scanned and processed by a smartphone. Once it’s decoded, it will perform a specific task. To make use of QR codes in mobile phones, there are two major requirements. The first is the QR code builder software and the other is QR code reader software. A QR code is very easy to generate and you can do so at any of the websites with the software for generation of the QR code. When you enter your text on this software, you will get an image and this image can then be scanned by the QR code reader software. QR code readers are already installed in most of the latest smartphones because the QR code revolution is hot and it’s here to stay. In case your smartphone does not have the QR code reader, you can easily download the free QR code reader software from the Internet. It is always recommended that you check the application before downloading because the smartphone QR application varies from one phone to another. Once the code reader is installed, you will just need to scan the image and your smartphone QR code reader will process the image. After some time, you will be able to access the information stored in the QR code. It’s very simple and exciting.