QR Code Scanners

With the advent of QR Code scanner in all smartphones, you can decode the code mysteries at any given time. The power is in your hands. Do you know that these barcodes that you see are square and are mostly blotches of white and black colors? You may have come across them at places like bars, pubs, adverts, magazines, billboards, and so on. Today, even QR code clothing is in vogue. Do you know what’s so thrilling about QR codes? It’s the mystery, and the best part is that it can be solved, very quickly. When you see the QR codes, you know that they contain some information but you don’t know what. It makes you a little anxious, right? Then, you scan the QR code, decode it, and then, magically, you get the message and the mystery is solved! It’s very simple but firstly, you need a camera mobile and a QR code scanner app to interpret the code data. In this article, we will take a look at QR code scanners.

There are myriads of QR code scanners such as pen-type readers that read a code with the help of a light source along with a photodiode. The other types are laser scanners, CCD scanners, and the best QR code scanner is the cellphone camera. With cloud computing and software industry moving higher, there are numerous WR code scanner applications that perform the needful. There are some great QR code scanner apps on the web for Androids. Here are snippets of the apps and how they work:

1. Barcode Generator: This is a simple piece of software that decodes QR codes and it can be used to get information on events, phone, SMS, URLs, and more. This is supported by ZXing and it is for Androids.

2. i-nigma QR code Reader: This open-source software can be downloaded at the website or you can also SMS a text "i-nigma" to them to get the link in order to get the software in your mobile. This is compatible with phones like Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Palm, Samsung, i-mate, LG, and many more.

3. ScanLife Barcode Reader: Another sought-after QR code scanner app is the ScanLife reader that can decode QR as well as UPC codes. It helps users to get quick access to videos, deal coupons, and more. Once you have this in your mobile, you can decode all your favorite coupons or videos.

4. SnapMaze Reader: This is an excellent software from the league of QR code scanners. You can download it straight from its website and then use the same on your mobile.

5. NeoReader: This is one of the most intelligent apps since you are directed to your iPhone's camera once you open the app. This is in sync with iPhones which run on OS 3.0 or the higher.

6. mobiScan QR reader: This is a QR code scanner that is known for its quick recognition without even dealing with the browser history or contacts.

7. QR Droid: Amongst the bandwagon of QRcode scanners, QR Droid allows the user to see the QR codes in the mobile browser. The scanner lets you read any code and decode it. This QR code scanner app has been rated 5 out of 5 by PCWorld. You can also get a QR code and share your information.

These are a few examples of some great QR code scanners that you will find on web. There are more to add to the list. The bottom line is that web marketers are increasingly reaching out to their customer base with QR codes. Taco Bell was reported to use QR codes on their drinking cups which took users to some MTV video. Kraft Foods also used the same to help people get coupons. According to a ComScore survey, almost 50 million mobile users from North America are using QR code scanner apps.

For web owners, this is the easiest and cheapest way to direct customers to their websites and drive in huge traffic. There was a famous marketing gimmick from Ford where they asked users to get hold of five codes from their official Twitter page as well as signing up on the event page. The respondents were automatically directed to a sweep-stake for Ford Focus. In this light, the mantra is that users are ready to scan the codes but the marketers and brands must be ready with the codes too. QR codes have become a sound brand engagement tool where people can get an immersive experience.

Mobile barcodes are a gateway to a 360 degree brand display and it takes into account both the digital as well as the traditional medium of marketing. Businesses must use QR codes to surprise and engage users by giving out discounts, sweepstakes, coupons, free tickets, and more. This will compel end users to give the brands a chance. This will also enhance the brand recall factor. The essential part is that the QR codes must be easy and recognizable. Today, people are mobile friendly so QR codes must lead them to a site which is built for mobiles. People need instant results. QR codes can help businesses gain brand loyalty and also pump up sales.

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