What is QR Code?

QR codes are barcode images and they can be scanned by the modern day smartphones such as iPhones, Androids, and so on. In these times, QR codes are being used in many marketing campaigns because they can be used to transmit a lot of information quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Furthermore, QR codes are the latest craze so it’s a great way for companies to reach out to their customers. Businesses can use QR codes to tap the consumer market and advertise their products and services, both offline and online. You can see a QR barcode on billboards, ad banners, flyers, and many other interesting places. Taco Bell is known to have used QR codes on their soft drinks cups to direct users to a MTV video. These campaigns with QR codes have become a modern marketing technique.

What is a QR code? QR codes are known as Quick Response codes. The Quick Response code was first coined by Denso Wave in Japan. Essentially, QR codes are high speed 2D barcodes which can be read from all directions. A famous example that can be cited is the decoding of the Japanese characters as well as Sino-Japanese Kanji-Kana characters. There are a number of QR code standards internationally as well as in Japan like AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers), JEIDA, JIS, and ISO/IEC 18004.

QR codes comprise of seven elements and there are position detection patterns, timing patterns as well as alignment patterns on which the codes function. There is a special data field that has Reed-Solomon codes along with raw data. When a smartphone scans the QR code, the patterns are captured first and the timing pattern depends on the borders of the horizontal as well vertical lines in the QR code image.

The barcode reader from 3Gvision which is now known as i-nigma was created. The decision was made to install i-nigma in some mobile handsets which are manufactured in Japan. This would be limited to the Japanese mobile operators only and the pact was signed. In time, this barcode reader raised a new standard for almost 80 million mobile handsets in Japan and introduced a whole new marketing sphere that is still seeing new possibilities today. Today, big brands and businesses resort to QR codes when they need instant results. The use of QR codes in marketing campaigns has driven lots of customers to their products or services.

Almost all cellphones that are manufactured in Japan can be used to scan QR codes. The world-famous food chain McDonalds also uses the QR barcode to market its products and engage people in nutrition value of their food. In Japan, the popularity of QR codes makes it necessary for businesses to formulate their marketing campaigns around these codes. Other than McDonald’s, many other big corporations use QR codes to run promotions, contests, and offer information to their customers. Due to the large storage capacity of the QR codes, information on products and services can be easily made available to customers via the small symbols. The best thing is that it can be done very easily, and inexpensively.

Well, it is not very tough to get started with the QR code. All you need is a smartphone and you can download apps from the app store. Once you have the app, it will help you to scan the QR code that you want to decode. It will only take a few seconds to decode the information in the QR barcode and then, you will see a URL and it will open up in your mobile browser and let you see the webpage. If it’s some contact information, you can add it to your phone address book, very easily. 

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