QR Reader

QR codes are codes that can be used for generating a quick response. These codes can be described as 2D codes with black-and-white white patterns. The unique patterns are encrypted formats, representing information in the codes. The codes can only be interpreted with a QR reader. After the QR codes are scanned, they are read by the QR reader which makes it possible for you to understand the information found within the codes. The process is highly dynamic and the information contained in the QR code may require online connectivity for proper retrieval. For instance, the QR code may contain a link to website so you need web access to get to the website.

Most smartphones are preinstalled with QR readers but it’s quite easy to download a free QR reader on the Internet. Just make sure that you get a QR code reader app which is compatible to your smartphone. Otherwise, the smartphone may not be able to scan and read the QR code because there are specific apps for each particular brand and model of smartphone. Once the QR code reader is installed, your smartphone will be able to read all the QR codes. It must also be mentioned that you must keep a steady hand when you are scanning the QR code. If the right image is not captured, you will get an error in reading. Generally, QR readers do not get affected by the alignment of the image.

Features of a QR Code

  • QR codes are capable of storing high volumes of information and this is the basic evolution that has let to its development, especially over web. In the past, the barcode used to carry just vertical lines. Due to this reason, the traditional barcode cannot carry quite as much information as the horizontal and perpendicular grid of the QR code. It’s quite a surprise that you can get all the information in one small conceptual design which can be read by any kind of QR code reader
  • QR codes are also not so prone to damages like the traditional barcode. The codes have a very robust design that ensures that even when there are some scratches and spills, QR code readers can successfully read through the QR code and thereafter, they can also correct the persisting errors up to 30 percent. This is due to the fact that these codes are unique and their degree of exclusiveness is very high. No two QR codes are similar, not even around 70 percent. The percentage of similarity in pattern is comparatively low and this is due to the level of variations possible in each design.
  • The QR code reader app works on the principle of high speed recognition. This recognition and corresponding link redirecting is extremely fast. QR readers are fed with a very strong comparative database and they are fed with algorithms that allow them to search and compare in the form of a binary tree, which has been already been grouped on a centralized server.

Applications of a QR Reader

The QR readers are getting very popular and some of the prime reasons behind the popularity are discussed below.

  • Ease of Availability: QR codes are easily available. They can be generated very easily and it’s not so hard to find a free QR code reader which can be downloaded from Internet. Thereafter, you can start to scan QR codes and discover the messages within.
  • Simple to Use: QR codes are very simple to use as there isn’t any intricate setup or customization involved. You need not install the software again and again. Also, you don’t have to spend hours in the setup. After a short setup, and Internet connectivity, the software can start working without anymore customization or what not. 
  • Speedy Read: The software readers are known to provide a high speed reading which is due to their highly advanced algorithm and connectivity to a centralized database. Such blend finesse allows these QR readers to perform a lightning-speed search and thereafter produce the result on your screen in just a blink of the eye.
  • Portable: The QR readers are portable. They hardly take any storage area and they can fit into your mobile phone just like any other application. The portability is a big reason behind their success. These readers are good both in their efficiency as well as their storage capacity.
  • Application: Due to the versatility of these codes, the QR readers are very much superior in terms of versatility. Whether it is the QR code on any magazine or it is the QR code on any website, QR readers are equally apt in responding to all. This feature makes the readers highly popular and for the same reason, QR code readers have started to replace bar code readers in various places.

Reed Solomon Process

In the process of error correction, the Reed-Solomon algorithm is implemented. This algorithm is very competent in producing the right kind of codes. The Reed-Solomon algorithm is somewhat predictive in nature but its predictive window is restricted to an upper boundary of 30 percent. By this, it implies that these algorithms can successfully predict the nature of the code and even produce the exact content that it engulfs. The damage variation of the QR code reading from the actual QR code should be less than thirty percent.

There are many QR code reader apps available in the market. You can also go for a licensed one because it will allow you to get access to a high capacity reader. With this high capacity reader, you can go beyond decoding messages but also encoding messages. Even if you are going for a freeware, you can get the benefit of reading the exact incorporated text or information inside the QR code.