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Quick Response or QR code is one of the hottest things in the world. This code is a specially designed barcode that contains various types of information. The best part of this code is that it does not require any complicated scanner to be read. In fact, a QR code can be read by any smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android or any other smartphone. Even the phones that run on Symbian operating system can read this code. All you need to do is to download the QR scanner app and use it to read the QR codes. It’s as simple as that. Before we discuss about QR scanner or free QR scanner, let’s take a look at what exactly is a QR code, its features and technology. Then we will look into various QR scanners along with their features and technology.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is defined as a two-dimensional code or a matrix code that store numerous information and data. This code was fundamentally generated to be used for the automobile industry. It was initiated in the year 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave. Due to its versatility, it gained popularity and at present time, it is used across several industries, essentially for marketing purpose. This code looks like black separable components that are arranged in a square against a white background. This arrangement is scanned by the QR scanner or QR scanner app of a smartphone.


QR codes can encode a high capacity of data and the small space contains a surprisingly large amount of data. The code can be read both vertically and horizontally. This feature enables the QR code to exploit only one tenth of the space in comparison to the traditional barcode. Thus it has smaller print size. Another unique feature of QR code is that a damaged or dirty QR code can still give you about 30 percent of the stored data. Structure Append is one of the features of a QR code. This feature enables QR code to subdivide data into several compartments that contain data. What’s more, the QR codes are omni-directional, which means these codes can be read from any direction.


The QR code generally gets divided into two parts, namely, level of error correction and pattern of masking. The masking is the arrangement of 6X6 grids in a repeated manner. There are chances that the masking mechanism can confuse a QR scanner or QR scanner app. That is why the Reed Solomon error correction algorithm technology is deployed for the purpose of error correction. This works along with the 8 bit codeword. Interestingly, storage capacity and error correction are inversely proportional to each other.

QR Code Scanner

Since QR codes are gaining popularity so are the QR scanners, rather to say QR scanner apps. These free QR scanner apps are readily available over the Internet. An individual with iPhone or Android phone can download the software and use it. This QR scanner app is available for Symbian and BlackBerry platform as well. Let us look at few of these free QR scanner apps.

QR Scanner App for BlackBerry: This is the first in the lot. The QR scanner app is known as QR Code Scanner Pro. This software is brought to you by JaredCo. It is a free QR scanner app that can be downloaded from the BlackBerry app world. The free scanner app is meant solely to scan QR codes but it has the capacity to scan the traditional barcode as well. It uses the latest tools available in the phone and you don’t need to use the phone camera to take a picture of the QR code. Just place the phone over the code and it is done. This free scanner app gives you a vibrated alert when it successfully scans the code.

QR Scanner App for Nokia: The free QR scanner app is downloadable from the website. You can download the free scanner app directly onto your phone via GPRS. If you go to the Nokia website, you can download it to the PC then transfer it to your phone via the PC Suite or Ovi Suite. The free QR scanner app will enable you to scan any code whether it’s the currently popular QR code or the traditional barcode. There are many code readers available for Nokia phones. Some examples are I-nigma reader manufactured by 3GVision and NeoReader developed by NeoMedia Technologies. UpCode Reader, Semacode Reader, and QuickMark Reader also fall under the free QR scanner app category.

QR Scanner App for Android: The name of the Android QR scanner app is QR Droid. This free scanner app is readily available for download from the Android Market. PC World has rated this app 5 out of 5 stars. If you want to get the best, here it is. After downloading the free scanner app from Android Market, you need to scan the QR code with your phone and the rest is done by the QR scanner app. The user rating of this app is very good and people who are using it are satisfied. Moreover, the free QR scanner app is available in 26 languages. This new improved scanner scans from the saved code or the URL. It is also compatible with GPS for which you need to have the QR-GPS plug in. This free scanner app also gives you the feature of custom search.

QR Scanner App for iPhone: The QR scanner that is being developed for iPhone is the simplest one. This free QR scanner app is fast and effective. The best part is that when you open the app, it starts in real time mode. This app is the latest version in the category which is V 2.5. It will use only 2.6 MB of your phone space and it is a multi-lingual app as well. This particular QR scanner app is compatible with iPod touch and iPad 2. Additionally, the app runs on iOS 4.0 platform or higher.

QR code scanners are readily available on the Internet and they are also free. You can easily download these simple, fast and effective free QR scanner apps to your mobile device or onto your PC and use this new technology for any purpose.

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