Social QR Code

Social QR code can help to maximize the potential of social sharing. With social QR code, social sharing will enter a new phase of excitement and possibilities. Social QR code allows the users to draw more followers and fans from such popular social networks like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. It also allows the users to share a great deal of information on these social networking sites in an inexpensive and convenient manner. Social QR code not only helps users to greatly expand their social network but the great thing is that it can be generated very easily. Then, it can be placed on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

  • On Facebook, it takes no more than a few seconds to generate the QR code which you can use to increase the fan page number of “Likes”. It also allows the user to connect with followers or fans each day. The social QR code can be used in many places like receipts, advertisements, and so on. It also allows you to share the information with people who are in contact with you on Facebook.
  • Twitter also allows you to generate social QR code. Other than that, you can also create a link to allow customers to tweet different types of content to their followers. It can also be used in print media like magazines, newspapers, and so on.
  • Social QR codes can also be used on YouTube where you can share dynamic advertisements by using the QR codes and direct the customers to your videos on YouTube.
  • Social QR codes can also be pasted on discount coupons almost anywhere like storefront windows, bus stops, billboards, and other public places. The coupon can be tweeted or shared through Facebook or Twitter account.
  • The app store Social QR code helps users to scan the apps. By using the social QR code, sellers can direct buyers to the app.

The social QR code is an extremely useful tool which provides immediate opportunity for social sharing. It can be used to advertise products with a mobile application too.

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