QR Code Stickers

QR code stickers are intriguing little pictures which can be attached to posters, business cards, envelops, catalogues, brochures or windows. These stickers can store embedded text messages, website URLs, SMS, email messages/address, vCards, vCalender, phone numbers, and Google Map addresses. You must have seen QR code stickers on packaging, posters, mailing pieces. If you create a custom sticker, it can be used to link to your personal webpage at a social networking site or your blog.

You can use these stickers or labels in the following ways:

  • QR code stickers can be pasted at bus stops to display schedule times, school notice boards or routes to market places.
  • QR codes stickers can be pasted on direct mails, postcards, and handouts.
  • QR code stickers can be pasted at restaurants where information about the merchandise, goods, food items, menu, recipes, and other information can be stored.
  • The labels can be used by realtors to encode the listing of different types of properties and to provide video display of properties on sale.
  • QR code labels on food packaging or beverages can be used to show the recipe of a food item or they can also provide information related to discounts or rewards given by the store.
  • QR stickers in washrooms, elevators, and public transits can be used to offer discounts on service, taxi pickups, dry cleaning, concerts, movie tickets or campaigns.
  • On coffee mugs, QR code stickers can be used to provide feedbacks or awareness related to the use of products or to promote a social message.
  • A QR code sticker is a great tool for nonprofit organizations and charities to get donations. The stickers can provide the URL to people who scan the code so they will be directed to webpage which provides service or information related to the social awareness programs.
  • The QR code imprinted on the stationary of a company provides an option to the viewers to scan it and contact the company or business to buy the products or services offered by the company.

Types of Custom QR Code Stickers

To get custom stickers, pay attention to the following details: 

Define the Size of the Stickers: You may create your own style for the QR code or you may select a preexisting style. No matter the style, you will have to define the size of the stickers.

Define the Number of Stickers: Define the quantity of stickers you need for the purpose.

URL or Webpage Address: You will have to enter the website address or URL along with other details of the stickers. Viewers of the code will be directed to the URL.

QR code stickers have an adhesive back so they can be used for both indoor and outdoor marketing. The best stickers are the ones which do not fade or crack when they are exposed to varying environmental conditions. Vinyl stickers are most popular because they are cheaper and very easy to design.