2D Code Generator

In today’s world, information technology has a great impact on almost every aspect of life. One of the latest impacts of technology is 2D codes. In this article, you will learn about 2D code generators. Before that, let’s first find out what exactly is a 2D code. A 2D code is similar to a traditional barcode but the difference is that a 2D code can accommodate a larger amount of data than a traditional barcode. These 2D codes can even include product information, discount information, and other information. 2D codes are also known as QR codes. When a scanner scans the code, the information is displayed.

When we deal with 2D codes, we need a 2D code generator to create that code. There are some 2D code generators available online for free. The 2D code generators are developed on PHP platform, which is an open-source program. Moreover, the 2D code generators can generate perfectly functional codes without any errors. You can either download the program or you can use it online. Creating a 2D code using these free 2D code generators is easy and simple. You just have to fill in the data for which you need the code and click on the “Generate Code” button. The corresponding image will be created and you can download and save it for future use.