Uses of QR Codes

The possibilities of QR codes are infinite as they are changing the trends and methodologies of shopping, product selection, sales, and marketing. Smart companies are using QR codes to expand their brands to consumers. It’s an excellent way to introduce new products and services. On the other hand, QR codes also allow businesses to reach out and interact with their customers on a whole new level. It’s a new concept and many businesses are trying to benefit from being the first ones to use QR codes to capitalize on the trend. To benefit most from QR codes, you should be aware of the best practices to create the most favorable user experience from the provisions offered by these strange-looking codes.

QR codes require a specific type of reader and it can be scanned either indoors or outdoors with the help of a reader device. Many websites offer free QR codes generation facilities which can be used to generate the images. Then, you can send it to users or viewers of the website.

Let us look at the various uses of QR codes. You can use the QR codes to go to the email lists, increase the number of likes on you Facebook account, and also attract more subscribers to your blog. QR codes can be used in many ways for QR marketing which includes the following:

  • To deliver consumer discounts
  • Promote the new free ebook of the company
  • Interact/communicate with the agent
  • Get or give a demonstration of product or a service
  • Get VIP access to a place

Social QR codes is another feature specifically designed for social networking which helps users to gain Facebook fans, and restaurant QR codes can be used to inform customers about the special offers during a particular season. These uses of QR codes make it highly valuable, and all these provisions help the business owner and the client to get connected in a better way, which optimizes online and offline marketing.

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